7 Tips for Plant-based (vegan) travelling – Examples Japan and Portugal

As you might have noticed if you follow us on Instagram, I’ve been travelling in Japan for three weeks. As many people asked me before I left how I was going to eat there and this is a question we have generally been asked several times, I spontaneously had the idea to write a blog post on the topic of plant-based travelling. Japanese cuisine is not typically plant-based. Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time in Japan and didn’t worry a lot about food, even though almost everything I ate was Japanese. It turned out pretty much as I had expected.

In this article I’ll also share with you our experiences with eating in Portugal. Prospi and I go to Portugal every summer. The typical Portuguese cuisine is clearly characterized by meat and fish. Meanwhile, it’s no longer an obstacle for us to live according to our personal ideals and at the same time enjoy our holidays and the time with family and friends to the fullest.

So here are 7 key points that help me when travelling as a plant-based eater:

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    It’s Time for Fair Fashion

    2013, over 1100 people lost their lives in Bangladesh when the Rhana Plaza textile factory collapsed. The building already had some cracks and was on the edge of collapse. That’s why the police ban the access. Nevertheless, more than 3000 people were forced to pick up their work by the factory operators. When this horrible event happened and the media aired it worldwide, I was shocked for a moment. Nevertheless, after a while I lived on as nothing ever happened.

    In September 2015 I saw the documentary «The True Cost», in which a woman from Bangladesh asks consumers of cheap clothing to buy no clothes, which carry the blood of garment workers. The woman works in the garment industry and in the past she was beaten by her superiors and colleagues, because she demanded better working conditions. The statement of that woman opened my eyes and I now saw clothing from an entirely different perspective.

    Today I want to support brands, stores and the movement who promotes a positive development in the fashion industry with my consumption. As much as possible and with the power I have. This article shows what we can pay attention to as consumers when buying clothes and proposes some specific brands and shops for shopping. Continue Reading


    Russian Salad with Plant-Based Mayonnaise Sauce

    We are often asked for plant-based barbecue ideas. There is actually a lot you can make. A simple classic are zucchini and eggplant slices with a little oil and salt. We also like to grill cobs, stuffed mushrooms (for example with our cashew sour cream) or avocado halves. Marinated vegetable kebabs, sometimes with mushrooms or tofu, are also very tasty.

    For the side dishes, there are no limits. One of the side dishes that we especially love for barbecues is Russian Salad. Normally, Russian Salad is made with lots of mayonnaise containing eggs. However, in our recipe we suggest a very authentic and tasty plant-based mayonnaise sauce. It is super quick and easy to prepare. Of course, it is extremely versatile. If you mix it with potatoes, peas and carrots, you get a delicious, satisfying, nutritious and high-protein Russian Salad. Its mild taste fits perfectly with the rich roast flavors from the grill.
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    The Oh She Glows Cookbook
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    Organic Restaurants

    Brasserie Lorraine in Bern

    We just love to visit organic restaurants with great people. Brasserie Lorraine is an especially cozy place for this. We were there with two friendly couples on a Saturday evening. We laughed and talked a lot. Real Life. We took some photos for you and summarized our impressions in this article.

    Here our review for dinner at the Brasserie Lorraine in Bern. Continue Reading


    How the Age of Giving Will Change the World

    In 2015 there have been 19 wars worldwide and 223 armed conflicts (HIIK Conflict Barometer, 2015). Hunger, water shortage and work in slave conditions threaten the lives of millions of people. Inner emptiness, loneliness, social pressure and systemic exploitation threatens others from inside.

    I often come in contact with people who believe humanity will inevitably self-destruct. Nevertheless, I also see another development. I see a new age, which was heralded by the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Bruce Lee and Nelson Mandela, and which is carried by activists all around the world and in our midst today. An age of giving.
    I think this change is like a wave that draws us in inexorably and takes us to a world of abundance. This change starts with us today.

    This article is about how you and I can be part of this movement and how we can live in a world of abundance today. Continue Reading

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    Oriental Green Salad with Chickpeas and Tahini Lemon Dressing

    At the beginning, there was the dressing. While preparing a quick lunch without thinking too much about how I would do it, I spontaneously mixed tahini, lemon juice and garam masala. As soon as I tried some, I was thrilled by this dressing and knew I would make it again. Next was the salad. At this time of the year, I can buy local organic salad in different colors and shapes everywhere. This is why I chose to combine the dressing with some green salad. Then, I started adding more ingredients until the dish was complete. This oriental salad has so many intense flavors that complement each other excellently. On a hot summer day, it constitutes a perfect lunch. You can prepare it in the evening before and take it to work. I recommend you to look for a suntrap and enjoy it outdoors. 😉

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    A Guide to Sustainable Natural Cosmetics

    In various discussions about sustainability we found ourselves coming back to the topic of sustainable natural cosmetics again and again. Each month we flush down tons of plastic in the form of micro, ingredients that cause damage to our skin and our health and animal testing are keywords that keep coming up. There are many approaches to the sustainable consumption of cosmetics. In various discussions and in my own research I went on a journey to clarify this topic.

    This article is about understanding what sustainable natural cosmetics are. We also give you some practical tips on how you can integrate sustainable cosmetics in your own life. Continue Reading

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    Seven Spoons
  • hotel-ucliva-review (1 of 18)

    Eco Hotel Ucliva

    Hi everybody

    Today we publish a hotel review for the first time. As you know, we visit a new organic restaurant every month. While looking for new restaurants, we found that there are also hotels that focus on sustainability. We think it’s awesome that there is a possibility to go on vacation sustainably. This is how the idea of presenting ecological hotels emerged. We could spend a night in the hotel Ucliva in Waltensburg, Switzerland that is certified by the association „Bio Suisse“. In addition we created a video about our experience.

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    Restaurant-Ucliva-Hotel-Review-Rezension (1 of 18)
    Organic Restaurants

    Ucliva in Waltensburg

    On the wonderfully sunny Ascension weekend in early may, we made a trip to Surselva. We were allowed to spend a very relaxing time at the Bio-Hotel (organic hotel) Ucliva. We will report about the green hotel and its sustainable approach in our next article. Today I want to present you the Ucliva restaurant. This is an important part of the hotel and attracts numerous guests from Switzerland and abroad.

    Here our dinner and brunch review of the Ucliva in Waltensburg. Continue Reading

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    The Green Kitchen
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    Recipes, Tips

    Cookbook Review “Asiatisch Kochen” & Sesame Ginger Cookies

    Do you already know where you travel this summer? I’m making a trip to Japan. In general, I always find it very enriching to get to know new places and cultures. I’ve never been to Asia yet and I’m absolutely looking forward to it! This sense of anticipation made me read a bit about Japanese cuisine. I’m currently excited by buying Japanese ingredients in our local health food stores and transforming them into simple meals (such as this, this and this).

    There is a book called “Asiatisch Kochen” (“Asian Cooking”) that offers a great introduction to the Japanese cuisine. However, the recipe of this book that I’m going to share with you is not Japanese, but Korean. The latest Japanese food I bought was black sesame seeds. When I saw those stylish and tasty-looking sesame ginger cookies in the book, I knew I had to make them. You’ll find the recipe, if you scroll down. The cookies were at least as delicious as expected. Maybe I’ll also need to go to Korea once so to explore more flavors of this interesting country… 😉

    Here is my review of Jody Vassalo and Emily Ezekiel’s “Asiatisch Kochen”.

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