The 10 Most Pressing Global Problems of our Time and What You Can Do About Them

What if I told you that the average hero such as Superman is highly underutilising his gifts in fighting crime one case at a time? What if you working, volunteering and donating to an already overcrowded cause distracts from other more accessible social problems?

by Zach Weiner

by Zach Weiner

Lately, I stumbled across 80,000 Hours, an organisation that helps people find a meaningful career in a 9-step career guide. There I came across a compilated list of the world’s top 10 most pressing problems based on scientific research (Open Philanthropy Project, Global Priorities Project, Copenhagen Consensus Centre). There I found the superman parable and the discussion about more effective ways to make a greater impact in the world.

I asked myself, why only focus on what we can do in our careers and not on what we can do in our lifestyle as well. Here is what I found. Continue Reading

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    3 Chocolate Bars: Inca/Goji/Raspberry, Cocoa/Maca, Coconut/Lemon

    Hi everybody

    I hope you’re all well and enjoy – in accord with our last article – the time of your life. We still have a lot of ideas for Journey to Real Life and make a big effort not to do everything at the same time, because it is just impossible. 😉 All the workshops we did this year with you have been a lot of fun. This is why we decided to make two more workshops in December. We are going to cook together a three-course holiday dinner. Register now, if you want to take part. We are already looking forward to it.

    And now I’ll switch to the homemade chocolate bars because you really should try them! We have become big fans of them. Whenever I make them, they are eaten within a few days. For the three tastes, we use the raw bars of the brand Veganz. When I developed this recipe, I thought I’d choose one of the three flavours. But they all turned out so delicious in such different ways, that I decided to share them all with you. However, my favourite one is the chocolate bar with the refreshing flavours of coconut and lemon. But also the combination of berries and chocolate is fantastic. And the true chocolate lovers are going to adore the intense maca/cocoa chocolate bars. Of course, you can also use any other kinds of raw bars for this recipe. The biscuit and the chocolate coating are homemade. In this article, I’m going to show you how easy this can be made.

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    Review: «The Time of Your Life» – Are You Living the Life of Your Dreams?

    You are at the end of your day, but still, there are quite a few things left on your to-do list, which you wanted to do. You’ve worked all day, but it feels like you have not achieved what you wanted. The goals and dreams that you have in your life, seem to slip away. There just isn’t enough time in your life, to realise everything you want. Does this sound familiar to you?

    What if time would just flow and everyday life would be full of magical moments? In the past, I was often faced with this question and I did in-depth research on a wide range of books about time. In my research, I came across a 10-day audio program in audiobook format called “The Time of Your Life” by Tony Robbins. This audio book has influenced my life in various areas. I’ve since shared the principles presented inside this program with many of my loved ones. Today, I want to share these life-changing principles with you.

    “The Time of Your Life” showed me how I can have the time of my life in everyday life, what it means to be result-oriented and to fill life with magical moments.

    Here our review of “The Time of Your Life” by Tony Robbins.
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    The Oh She Glows Cookbook
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    Organic Restaurants

    Cultura dos Sabores in Porto

    As some of you may know, we go to Portugal on holidays every year. Two years ago, we have discovered the restaurant Cultura dos Sabores in Porto and since that moment we’ve been big fans. In the article «Plant-based (vegan) travelling» , I’ve already recommended you to go there. In the meantime, we ate there again several times and it was each time a pleasure. Therefore, we finally wrote a review of this great restaurant.

    Here our review for lunch at Cultura dos Sabores. Continue Reading


    The Pursuit of Happiness

    Big decisions about our relationship, career, residence and more are highly influenced by what we think will make us happy. This is mostly influenced by advertising, the media, upbringing and the educational path. On these paths the pursuit of happiness is often times equated with the pursuit of titles, money, comfort and possessions. This is a never ending process. As soon as the goal is reached it’s not enough anymore and something new is needed. This process is also called the rat race and in the rat race the pursuit of happiness is an economic driver.

    We intuitively know that there must be other ways to happiness. Ways that do not include that we need to consume, we must have accumulated a certain amount of money or acquired certain titles to be happy. A more direct way.

    This article describes ways to the deep-seated permanent happiness that comes from within, independent of external circumstances. Here’s what we learned on our Journey. Continue Reading

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    Noodles with Japanese Sesame Sauce and Ginger Veggies

    In my last article I have told you how I follow a plant-based diet while travelling. The idea for this article came spontaneously during my three-week trip in Japan. There, it was in fact not always easy to get plant-based dishes. However, I discovered and tried a lot – which was absolutely worth it. I really like the Japanese cuisine. Often, the foods such as rice, noodles, vegetables, tofu, mushrooms, etc. were not very flavorful. Crucial for the taste was the sauce. And whenever I found sesame sauce on my dish, I was very happy because it was generally really really delicious. At the same time sweet, slightly acidic, with intense sesame flavor and the Japanese touch due to the soy sauce. Once I was back in Switzerland, I tried to make it myself. My first attempt contained about 10 ingredients. Only at the second attempt, I realized that it actually requires only 5 ingredients. Like this, I absolutely loved my homemade sesame sauce. And it’s also like this that I want to share it with you now!

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    Nachhaltiger Umgang mit Geld

    6 Solutions for a Sustainable Use of Money

    What has Mr. Doe’s minimum wage to do with the arms of a child soldier in Chhattisgarh in India? The money on Mr. Doe’s bank account is indirectly used by the banks to globally invest in the lucrative arms industry. If this is in the interest of Mr. Doe is another question.

    Often times what happens in the world is decided over our heads. This doesn’t have to be this way. With a sustainable way of handling our money, no matter if we have lots of it or little, we can have a great impact on the decisions that form the world and actively take part.

    In this article you’ll find concrete tips and solutions for a more sustainable way of handling money.

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    Seven Spoons
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    7 Tips for Plant-based (vegan) travelling – Examples Japan and Portugal

    As you might have noticed if you follow us on Instagram, I’ve been travelling in Japan for three weeks. As many people asked me before I left how I was going to eat there and this is a question we have generally been asked several times, I spontaneously had the idea to write a blog post on the topic of plant-based travelling. Japanese cuisine is not typically plant-based. Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time in Japan and didn’t worry a lot about food, even though almost everything I ate was Japanese. It turned out pretty much as I had expected.

    In this article I’ll also share with you our experiences with eating in Portugal. Prospi and I go to Portugal every summer. The typical Portuguese cuisine is clearly characterized by meat and fish. Meanwhile, it’s no longer an obstacle for us to live according to our personal ideals and at the same time enjoy our holidays and the time with family and friends to the fullest.

    So here are 7 key points that help me when travelling as a plant-based eater:

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    It’s Time for Fair Fashion

    2013, over 1100 people lost their lives in Bangladesh when the Rhana Plaza textile factory collapsed. The building already had some cracks and was on the edge of collapse. That’s why the police ban the access. Nevertheless, more than 3000 people were forced to pick up their work by the factory operators. When this horrible event happened and the media aired it worldwide, I was shocked for a moment. Nevertheless, after a while I lived on as nothing ever happened.

    In September 2015 I saw the documentary «The True Cost», in which a woman from Bangladesh asks consumers of cheap clothing to buy no clothes, which carry the blood of garment workers. The woman works in the garment industry and in the past she was beaten by her superiors and colleagues, because she demanded better working conditions. The statement of that woman opened my eyes and I now saw clothing from an entirely different perspective.

    Today I want to support brands, stores and the movement who promotes a positive development in the fashion industry with my consumption. As much as possible and with the power I have. This article shows what we can pay attention to as consumers when buying clothes and proposes some specific brands and shops for shopping. Continue Reading

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    The Green Kitchen
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    Russian Salad with Plant-Based Mayonnaise Sauce

    We are often asked for plant-based barbecue ideas. There is actually a lot you can make. A simple classic are zucchini and eggplant slices with a little oil and salt. We also like to grill cobs, stuffed mushrooms (for example with our cashew sour cream) or avocado halves. Marinated vegetable kebabs, sometimes with mushrooms or tofu, are also very tasty.

    For the side dishes, there are no limits. One of the side dishes that we especially love for barbecues is Russian Salad. Normally, Russian Salad is made with lots of mayonnaise containing eggs. However, in our recipe we suggest a very authentic and tasty plant-based mayonnaise sauce. It is super quick and easy to prepare. Of course, it is extremely versatile. If you mix it with potatoes, peas and carrots, you get a delicious, satisfying, nutritious and high-protein Russian Salad. Its mild taste fits perfectly with the rich roast flavors from the grill.
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