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Ucliva in Waltensburg

On the wonderfully sunny Ascension weekend in early may, we made a trip to Surselva. We were allowed to spend a very relaxing time at the Bio-Hotel (organic hotel) Ucliva. We will report about the green hotel and its sustainable approach in our next article. Today I want to present you the Ucliva restaurant. This is an important part of the hotel and attracts numerous guests from Switzerland and abroad.

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    Cookbook Review “Asiatisch Kochen” & Sesame Ginger Cookies

    Do you already know where you travel this summer? I’m making a trip to Japan. In general, I always find it very enriching to get to know new places and cultures. I’ve never been to Asia yet and I’m absolutely looking forward to it! This sense of anticipation made me read a bit about Japanese cuisine. I’m currently excited by buying Japanese ingredients in our local health food stores and transforming them into simple meals (such as this, this and this).

    There is a book called “Asiatisch Kochen” (“Asian Cooking”) that offers a great introduction to the Japanese cuisine. However, the recipe of this book that I’m going to share with you is not Japanese, but Korean. The latest Japanese food I bought was black sesame seeds. When I saw those stylish and tasty-looking sesame ginger cookies in the book, I knew I had to make them. You’ll find the recipe, if you scroll down. The cookies were at least as delicious as expected. Maybe I’ll also need to go to Korea once so to explore more flavors of this interesting country… 😉

    Here is my review of Jody Vassalo and Emily Ezekiel’s “Asiatisch Kochen”.

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    Diego and Roger of Emma & Söhne «Dare Naivety»

    Diego Thürlemann and Roger Muamba supply East Switzerland with fruit and vegetable baskets of regional organic farms and micro- enterprises with their company Emma & Söhne (German for “sons”). Together with the farmers they take the basic supply of food in the region in their own hands. We organize our second workshop round with common cooking in St. Gallen in their headquarter on Saturday, June 4th, 2016.

    In this portrait, the two tell us how they started a company that promotes and implements conscious food consumption. They inspire to dare naivety in our own projects and lead as an example.
    Here our portrait of Diego Thürlemann and Roger Muamba.

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    The Oh She Glows Cookbook
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    Hammam Basar Salon in Zurich

    We visited the Hammam Basar Salon on a Sunday afternoon, after visiting the Swiss National Museum in Zurich for the first time. Although the whole week had been sunny, on Sunday it was very cold outside. That’s why we enjoyed the cosy atmosphere in the Hammam Basar Salon even more. We met with good friends and spent a perfect Sunday afternoon with exciting conversations, laughter and good food.

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    Apricot Almond Oatmeal

    If you had to pick 5 foods that you could eat on a deserted island from now on, which ones would you choose? I find this question quite difficult to answer. But that oats would be one of my foods is absolutely clear. For years I have been eating oatmeal every day for breakfast and I still love it. When I go on trips or spend one night away, there is always a pack of oats in my backpack. Always. My oatmeal gives me warmth and energy for the day. Meanwhile, I have also infected Prospi… He also eats oatmeal daily. However, his plate looks a little different, because our tastes are not perfectly identical. I’m not a big fan of raisins, Brazil nuts and hazelnuts. Instead, I’m thrilled by the flavor combination of apricot and almond.

    Today I show you the recipe of my delicious and nutritious current favorite breakfast. The almond butter ensures a creamy consistency and the molasses provides some sweetness, in addition to the soaked dried fruits.

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    Cookbook Review “Gesund Kochen ist Liebe” & Millet Pilaf

    «Gesund Kochen ist Liebe» is german and means «Cooking Healthy is Love». Isn’t this a beautiful title that Veronika Pachala has chosen for her cookbook? Cooking a healthy meal is really a wonderful way to express ones love. The author does this everyday for her little daugher and her husband. With her blog «Carrots for Claire» and the new cookbook, she aims to inspire other people to do the same. In my opinion, this sentence can also be reversed: “Cooking with love is healthy”. The more love we put into the preparation of a meal, the healthier and tastier it is for the person who eats it. In a book about ayurvedic nutrition I recently bought, a whole chapter is dedicated to this principle. This is why I recommend you to treat the ingredients as lovingly as you can and to have positive thoughts when preparing the delicious millet pilaf I’m going to present you. The recipe for the millet pilaf is so great that I already made it several times as a side dish. It is from Veronika Pachala’s cookbook «Gesund kochen ist Liebe». What else there is to discover in this book, I’ll tell you in this article.

    Here is my review of Veronika Pachala’s «Gesund Kochen ist Liebe».

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    Masseuse Bernadette Seeholzer: «My Blindness Thought Me to Take One Day After Another»

    On July 12, 1995, her doctor told her that her optic nerves have gone out. Then it dawned on her, she is blind. Her first thought was, “Life is not possible like this”, not more and not less. Soon it turned out that life is possible, just very different. Find out what she learned in this article.

    Bernadette Seeholzer is a masseuse in the city of Basel, who offers classical massages, manual lymph drainages, foot reflex zone massages and connective tissue massages in her own practice called «Massage Seeholzer». We came in contact with her through the therapist platform Coachfrog.

    In the past she was a nurse and as a part of a sister’s order she spent 11 years in various African countries and in Germany. in 1995, she went blind and did a formation as a masseuse. After that, she went for 3.5 years to Nairobi, where she worked for a Kenyan chiropractor. When she left the sister’s order in 2004 she returned to Switzerland. As she told us, she had lost her heart in Africa.

    Here our portrait of Bernadette Seeholzer.

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    Seven Spoons
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    Potato and Winter Vegetables Gratin with Red Beet Hummus

    Recently, I met a friend in a café in Neuchâtel. It was the first warm spring day of the year. We really enjoyed sitting outside at the evening and watching the sunset without getting cold. Our conversations revolved around many different topics. After being up do date about all the important things that happened in our lives, we talked about sustainable food consumption. I learned that my friend only buys seasonal vegetables. She said that this is particularly difficult at this time of the year, as her choice is almost entirely limited to storable vegetables. A warm spring is only the beginning of the new season. The seasonal vegetables are still the ones of last winter.

    I also try to buy seasonal ingredients for a while now and I do it always more. But to be honest, there are still some imported organic vegetables that you’ll find again and again in my fridge. I found the consistent purchasing behaviour of my friend very inspiring. I decided to create a recipe that celebrates the variety of Switzerland’s winter vegetables.

    This is how this potato winter vegetable gratin with red beet hummus, that is covered with a cashew garlic sauce, came into being. It contains potatoes, onions, parsnips, carrots, celeriac, white cabbage and red beet. Prospi and I loved it from the first bite. Everybody who thinks that cooking seasonal is boring should absolutely try it. And all the others as well. 😉

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    Bioland in Olten

    Since we are often travel between our home in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and the rest of Switzerland by train, we are regularly at the Olten train station. When we recently went to Basel for an exciting portrait article (more on this coming soon), we decided to include a stopover in the Bioland Olten at lunch time. This restaurant, which is an organic health food store as well as an organic restaurant, is located directly next to the train station. I already knew about the high quality of the products and the lunch meals sounded so delicious that I always wanted to try one. My positive expectations were even exceeded.

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    The Green Kitchen
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    Cookbook Review: “The Plantpower Way” & Cashew Milk

    I was really surprised how easy it can be to make plant-based milk, when I tried out the recipe of “The Plantpower Way”. There are many recipes of homemade nut milk. But I really like the fact, that it is possible to make it within 5 minutes for immediate consumption. We like to drink this white drink with its mild taste just as it is or sweetened with a little honey. But you can also refine it with spices, mix it with granola or use it in other recipes. This particular cashew milk is not the only thing I like about “The Plantpower Way”. This book contains many elements that make it not only a cooking inspiration, but also a life inspiration. The content is so positive, that I close the book full of hope and with a smile in my face, whenever I’ve read some pages.

    Here is my review of Rich Roll and Julie Piatt’s “The Plantpower Cookbook”.
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